Monday, 14 July 2014

British Summer Time Festival Hyde Park

This weekend I went to the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park and it was out of this world!  My friend and I were one of the lucky few who got our tickets for £2.50. I thought it was too good to be true but for once it was true and boy were we happy campers :) 

I was very impressed by the whole set up. The food looked amazing; we didn't have any because we ate before we arrived but I was gutted we did.  You were also allowed bring in your own food which is great if you wanted to save some money.

The d├ęcor was insane, they replicated cool houses in lovely pastel colours and this was where you went for a cheeky drink.  There was a beautiful carnival at the back of the festival and in the middle is felt like you were in Jamaica.  The entertainer was hilarious and got the whole crowd going, he even made us all do the Harlem Shake J

Throughout the day we saw Tom Odell, The National and Neil Young.  Tom Odell is a new artist I discovered last year at a different festival, he is incredibly talented and is only 21 or 22. He was my favourite act of the day, I just love his stuff so much, especially his song "grow old with me".  The National are huge in America so I was glad to see them again and Neil Young, what can I say the man is iconic. We were all rocking on a free world…