Thursday, 17 July 2014

Edinburgh aye!

My friends and I went on a recent trip to Edinburgh for our friend’s birthday in March.  Scotland is so beautiful, it even resembled Ireland a lot. 

We decided for the trip we would rent out an apartment and I’m so glad we did.  For 3 nights it cost us 90 pounds altogether and it included everything; Wi-Fi, your own kitchen, living room and spacious bed rooms.  The apartment was also in a prime location; five minutes from the lively city of Edinburgh. 

We did have a bit of bad luck in regards to the night life, Georges Street was student central.  Definitely not our scene anymore, grass market looked pretty good though but we got there too late L

On our second day we walked up Arthurs Seat.  Arthur’s seat is basically a dormant volcano where people can climb to the top and take in the beautiful surrounding areas of Edinburgh.  Afterwards we popped into one of Edinburgh’s Museums on the way back to our apartment.

We went of The Witchery on the Friday night which has a 3 Mitchelson star rating.  The food was lovely but as you would expect it was quality over quantity, the portions were so small but the food was amazing.  If only there was more, more than six chips! Not joking, I counted six.  Afterwards we went to the voodoo club for cocktails; it was a really cool club, definitely worth a visit. 

My favourite part of the whole trip was the ghost tour.  The guide was extremely interesting and stayed in character the whole time.  He filled us in on the history of Edinburgh, brought us through the cemetery and down into the vaults. 
The vaults were terrifying; at one stage his flash light stopped working when he was telling us a very horrific story.  I thought I was going to die!

On our last day we went to Edinburgh castle, big tourists we are.  The castle is really beautifully and the view up top was truly magnificent.