Friday, 22 August 2014

Blog Moved to Wordpress

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I have now moved my blog over to wordpress.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons


Recently I have started drinking a lot of Lemon Water because it is so fricking healthy for you with so many benefits to your body.

  1.  It’s a great detox, having warm lemon water in the morning flushes out toxins.
  2.   I have seen massive improvements in my skin. Apparently it prevents the formation of wrinkles and acne.
  3.  It helps cure a cold.  (Prevention is better than the cure).
  4. It aids weight loss. 

There is like 15 other benefits to drinking warm Lemon Water but the top four were the main reason for  why I started consuming it every day. I have always had issues with my skin (terrible acne) so it’s nice to try something natural to maintain the beast. I feel much better after adding it to my diet and will definitely maintain it.

The only thing to watch out for is your teeth. Be careful as it can damage tooth enamel.  Top tips I've seen on the interweb is:

1.       Not to have the water too hot, the higher the temperature the more severe the erosion
2.       Drink your lemon water through  a straw.
3.       Rinse your mouth out with water afterwards.
4.       Brush your teeth 60 minutes after consuming lemon water.

Lemon Water…Yay or Nay? 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Edinburgh aye!

My friends and I went on a recent trip to Edinburgh for our friend’s birthday in March.  Scotland is so beautiful, it even resembled Ireland a lot. 

We decided for the trip we would rent out an apartment and I’m so glad we did.  For 3 nights it cost us 90 pounds altogether and it included everything; Wi-Fi, your own kitchen, living room and spacious bed rooms.  The apartment was also in a prime location; five minutes from the lively city of Edinburgh. 

We did have a bit of bad luck in regards to the night life, Georges Street was student central.  Definitely not our scene anymore, grass market looked pretty good though but we got there too late L

On our second day we walked up Arthurs Seat.  Arthur’s seat is basically a dormant volcano where people can climb to the top and take in the beautiful surrounding areas of Edinburgh.  Afterwards we popped into one of Edinburgh’s Museums on the way back to our apartment.

We went of The Witchery on the Friday night which has a 3 Mitchelson star rating.  The food was lovely but as you would expect it was quality over quantity, the portions were so small but the food was amazing.  If only there was more, more than six chips! Not joking, I counted six.  Afterwards we went to the voodoo club for cocktails; it was a really cool club, definitely worth a visit. 

My favourite part of the whole trip was the ghost tour.  The guide was extremely interesting and stayed in character the whole time.  He filled us in on the history of Edinburgh, brought us through the cemetery and down into the vaults. 
The vaults were terrifying; at one stage his flash light stopped working when he was telling us a very horrific story.  I thought I was going to die!

On our last day we went to Edinburgh castle, big tourists we are.  The castle is really beautifully and the view up top was truly magnificent.

Monday, 14 July 2014

British Summer Time Festival Hyde Park

This weekend I went to the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park and it was out of this world!  My friend and I were one of the lucky few who got our tickets for £2.50. I thought it was too good to be true but for once it was true and boy were we happy campers :) 

I was very impressed by the whole set up. The food looked amazing; we didn't have any because we ate before we arrived but I was gutted we did.  You were also allowed bring in your own food which is great if you wanted to save some money.

The d├ęcor was insane, they replicated cool houses in lovely pastel colours and this was where you went for a cheeky drink.  There was a beautiful carnival at the back of the festival and in the middle is felt like you were in Jamaica.  The entertainer was hilarious and got the whole crowd going, he even made us all do the Harlem Shake J

Throughout the day we saw Tom Odell, The National and Neil Young.  Tom Odell is a new artist I discovered last year at a different festival, he is incredibly talented and is only 21 or 22. He was my favourite act of the day, I just love his stuff so much, especially his song "grow old with me".  The National are huge in America so I was glad to see them again and Neil Young, what can I say the man is iconic. We were all rocking on a free world…

Friday, 11 July 2014

Travel Tips: Dublin

Dublin City- Courtesy of Terri Casey :) 
The Docks- River Liffey
Bad Ass Cafe

St. Stephens Green Park

Grabbing food after a great night out :) 

Temple Bar

More Temple Bar

A lot of people that I work with have asked me for tips for trips they plan to Dublin soon. So I have decided to write this post. I lived in Dublin for over a year and I loved it so much there, I'd go back in a heart beat. 

If you plan to go to Dublin any time soon you should go to the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Castle, Trinity.  Trinity is one of the top Universities in Ireland and it’s really  beautiful. It’s in the centre of the city- that’s where the book of Kells is also kept (Really famous book). I'm pretty sure they do tours but you can also just walk in and wander.

St. Stephens Green is a really nice park at the top of Grafton Street.  Grafton Street is a really busy shopping street with a lot of restaurants and cafes off the side street.  It’s just a really nice area. 

Near Grafton Street is Temple Bar, that’s a huge tourist attraction, really beautiful area, I used to always eat there. Elephant and Castle is a great place to eat in temple bar. If you do go, get the chicken wings as they are to die for.  You’ll see everyone eating them.  If you go later in the evening try and book ahead. I always used to eat in the Bad Ass Cafe...mmm to die for! Temple bar also has a market there on Sunday morning where you can buy books, cheese and all sorts.

Henry Street, just off of O Connell Street is also a great area for shopping.  The Jervis Centre is amazing! If you head over to O Connell Street, do have your wits about you. The area can be a little rough at night but during the day you'll be fine. Stay away, far away from Talbot Street.
If you want to venture out of the city centre, Ranelagh is the place to go for food.  There is literally a whole street of really good restaurants.  If you want to go there, get the number 11 bus from O Connell Street. If you’re not sure ask the bus drivers and they will tell you, make sure you have the correct change for the bus too. They don’t except notes. 

Howth is also a beautiful area by the sea, you can get there by using the Dart or bus. 

Most of the Museums on Kildare street are all free, if you have time you should take a look.

There is also the National Leprechaun Museum, I've never been but it looks hilarious, you can walk there or get the luas (the tram) .  To be honest the place hasn't gotten great reviews but it sounds too funny to miss out on.

For night-life, Temple bar will be buzzing but it is quite expensive.  That general area is pretty good though, you should try the workman's club.   Mulligans of Poolbeg is a great pub. Doyles is also pretty good. Sweeneys on Dame Street is great. Harcourt Street is a very popular area for nightlife. Whelans on Wexford Street is a popular place for good music and bands.  If you do venture around Temple Bar/Dame street, go to Zaytoons after for food. They have the best Kebabs I've ever tasted. I miss them so much!

If you do visit Dublin, I hope you have a good trip J

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Miss Saigon ...Amazing!!

Yesterday my friends and I went to see Miss Saigon in Prince Edward Theatre, London.  The show was absolutely amazing, we had the best three hours there watching such a fantastic production. Three hours may seem very long, especially in this hot sticky weather, but it was worth every minute of it.

So a little bit about the show. Miss Saigon is based around the time of the Vietnam war. It tells the tale of a young Vietnamese woman who falls in love with a G.I from America.  Their relationship is basically doomed so I won't go into any more details, don't want to spoil anything Some of the scene's were just incredible to watch and surprised by some of it too.

The musical was first played at the Theatre Royal in London in 1989. I think it's actually one of the longest running shows. I'd highly recommend going to see this show if you're in London, you will not be let down. The tickets weren't too bad either, I think they were like 30-35 pounds. One of my friends loved it so much, he wants to go back and see it again!

I really want to see Wicked next, I don't know much about it but it's definitely on my list of shows to see soon.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Hozier Fever

Hozier is a musician hailing from good aul Ireland. He is very new to the scene, making his debut in 2013 with “Take me to Church”, boy did that song go viral.

Following his remarkable debut, he gives back again and brings us “From Eden”.  The man is a chocolate voiced sex bag, to put it politely.

One would describe hozier’s musical style as a healthy mixture of pop and animal deep country blues, suffused with a sprinkle of gospel.  His voice is addictive to the core, Amen.

I’ve seen Hozier twice this year and he hasn’t failed me yet. Ironically, I saw him play in a church J

Here’s a link to one of my favourite Hozier songs “Someone New”. If you've never heard of Hozier before, have a'll be glad you did J