Thursday, 20 February 2014

Roma, Italy!


Piazza Navona

Alice Making Her Wish :) 

The Trevi Fountain

 The Spanish Steps
Hey everyone,

I decided to do a post on my trip to Rome a while back. Apparently you either fall in love with Paris or Rome.  Honestly I fell in love with both.
 Rome was so much fun and such a beautiful city with so much visible history.

My favourite parts of the city were the Spanish Steps, the Trevi fountain *Make a Wish*, Trastevere (Beauuuutiful!!) ,Vatican City and The Colosseum. We didn't get to see the Sistine Chapel because it was closed, so disappointed.  The Pope resigned while we were there so everything was kind of up in the air.  The food was delicious, especially the pizza...yummy!

The parks in Rome were to die for, you can even go rowing on the lake for 5 euro which was really fun.  It's a pretty easy city to get around, you can actually walk most of it and there's always the metro.

When ever I go on a weekend trip I always buy a travel book because they are really handy to have.  If you want to really experience Italian culture and stay away from the tourists attractions, I'd recommend couch surfing. Basically, you can stay with a local for free and if they are nice they will take you around the city and show you the local gems.

I attached some pictures for your perusal, I hope you liked this post :)