Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Living with Artists

Put on Your Fuck Me Pumps by Anthony Hodder

Music to the Ear by Denise Duffy
Penguins in luurvvve by Corinna 

Artists at Work

Makings of Lana Del Ray

Hey everyone,

I have to point out that I live with incredible artistic people, they put me to shame!  I wish I had a useful and beautiful talent like they do.  I've expressed this view with them and they don't agree.

 They believe that everyone has an artistic bone in their body.  That art isn't meant to be done in a specific way or look perfect either.  Just happens to be that their's does look perfect! I can see where they are coming from and they have even inspired me to try it out.

I looked up art for beginners and decided to draw penguins, it does look like a four year old drew it. I have to say though,  I loved it and I really enjoyed working on it.  Painting is so therapeutic  and a definite stress reliever.

I included a few painting that my friends are working on at the moment.  If ye like what ye see, please let me know. I'm sure they would even love suggestions on what else they could draw.