Thursday, 19 June 2014

Lunchmeat and Life Lessons by Mary B. Lucas

Lunchmeat and Life Lessons was written by Mary B Lucas as tribute to her father. Her father gave her valuable life lessons throughout her life which she has kindly shared with all of us through this book.  Her father was the founder of Bichelmeyer Meats, a very successful and driven man with only an 8th grade education. 

A friend of mine attended one of Mary B Lucas’ talks based around the books philosophies.  He was so impressed with Mary’s talk that he’s been sharing her book among his circle of friends. Thankfully I got my hands on it. 

The book is incredible, it is told so beautifully.  It’s full of great philosophies translated into stories; stories which we can all relate too.  The butchers wisdom teaches us valuable lessons on how to deal with varying scenarios and people in the workforce.  I especially liked his “find the like” and “comeback sauce” philosophies and loved the way Mary adapted those philosophies to  tough situations at her work place.  

After reading this book, you will feel enlightened and encouraged to test out the butchers wisdom. I feel that his philosophies are relevant not only in your professional life but your personal one too. What I truly loved about this book was Mary's bond to her father, it was very touching. I cannot recommend this book enough and it’s a really quick read; it only took me a day. A day of pure joy and beautiful insight.