Friday, 11 April 2014

Pukkelpop Music Festival

Seeing as it's nearing the summer time and with lots of Music Festivals out there, I thought I'd do a review on Pukkelpop. Pukkelpop is a Music Festival which takes place in Belgium during August. Myself and my sister went in 2010, it was the 25th year anniversary and what an experience it was.

The line-up that year was any music lovers dream come true.  The likes of Placebo, Queens of the Stone Age, The Prodigy, the xx and so so much more were there. It came to the point where you had to miss an awesome act just so you could go to the other; damn you crowd control. You can see the line-up that year here and the photo gallery for 2010 can be found here. The pictures are unreal.

When we were planning our trip from Ireland, we decided to make it a week-long trip.   First we decided that we would go to Amsterdam for a few days before the festival and soak up the culture of the City.  Now my sister and I are not smokers but we did try one of the hash brownies.  I personally thought they were sick but they did put me to sleep. 

We visited Madame Tussauds which I think is a bloody rip off but at least now I can say I went.  Then we went to Ann Franks house, *warning* you will be in a queue for at least an hour.  In my opinion it was definitely worth it.  Amsterdam is probably one of the most beautiful cities I have been too especially with all the canals around the city. 

After an amazing time in Amsterdam we headed to Belgium via the train.  We set up camp and went to enjoy the festival atmosphere.  The weather was amazing the entire time we were there; I was always wearing flippy floppy’s.  The crowd at the festival were all friendly people and a lot of people travelled from around the world to attend the festival.  Our neighbours were from New Zealand and they suggested that we go  see Fat Freddy’s Drop, a New Zealand reggae, soul, jazz band.  We went to go see them but unfortunately we were too late but the band is class.  I’ll be seeing them this year in October J

At the end of the festival the head liners were 2 Many Djs and they finished up with a remix of Joy Division – Love will tear us apart.  They were also performing alongside a set of firework displays.  If I was to recommend any European Festival to go to this summer, I wouldn't hesitate to suggest Pukkelpop.

Ya-Beauty x

The line to Ann Frank

A  clear Jennifer Aniston Fan. 

Rosie and Jim's house in Amsterdam

Damien Kulash - OK GO

Josh Homme - QOTSA
YouTube this. He made them do the routine :)