Thursday, 6 March 2014

Beautiful Brighton

Brighton Pier. Beautiful. 

The Lanes

Living in London can be quite stressful sometimes, especially during manic hours on the tube!  It's hard to believe that a place like Brighton can exist so close to London.

My friends and I went to Brighton last weekend.  It was definitely on my top list of the best places I've every been too.  The town was beautiful, so relaxed and very easy to get around.  The people were really cool and dare I say trendy!

The night life was second to none, a lot of pubs in very close walking distance.  I would recommend the green door and the fish bowl.  The fish bowl stays open until 4 am for all you party people out there.

The food was delicious.  We went to Bills for breakfast, nicest breakfast I've had in so long.  Definitely, definitely book ahead when eating out because every where was full :( There was a really cool Mexican and Latin restaurant we wanted to go to but unfortunately we were a little too late.

We stayed in Kipps hostel, it was the Biz Nizz! No honestly it was one of the nicest hostels I've ever stayed in.  They even had chocolate fondue when we arrived...mmmm!  It was also really central, I highly recommend the place.

Brighton Pier was my favourite, it was so nice to just relax and take in the scenic view.  I also witnessed a seagull trying to make off with a women's fish and chips, that gave me a fit of giggles.  The casino and fun fair was a nice surprise as well.

All in all, it was a refreshing, chilled out weekend that was filled with lots of laughter and good memories.

Here are a few snaps of a joyful weekend :)  Thank you all for reading my blog!