Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris

True Blood

Hello fellow book lovers,

This is my first blog post so here it goes...

I've been reading the Sookie Stackhouse Novels the past few years now and all I have to say is they are great! My sister annoyed me so much about the True blood series, I watched them to keep her happy but secretly I fell in love with it which is why I started reading the books.

The books were similar towards the series at the start but as the series went on I feel it drifted from the books, but hey that's not such a bad thing; now I get to enjoy two different stories.

The books are very easy, enjoyable and quick to read. It's fun filled with humour, drama and the all important romance; with strong characters you fall in love with. If you have never heard of True blood or the Sookies Stackhouse Novels, they would really suit people who love fantasy especially with vampires and werewolves thrown into the mixture.

There is 13 books so far and I'm just about finished All Together Dead.  I try to read other books between them to make the series last longer.

Well I hope you liked my blog post.

Blog soon J