Thursday, 13 June 2013

Book Shop Heaven

To read books, we have to buy books.  There is nothing I love more than digging through a book shop; especially when the shop has a real funky edge to it with great bargains.  I love bargains...50 cent for a book? I'm sold.

In 2011, I went to Massachusetts; a friend and I decided we would go to Salem as it was so close.  We found a proper gem while we were there; we stumbled upon a really cool bookshop.  It was called Derby Square book store.  The minute you walked into the store you are surrounded by a sea of books that literally would make you drool.  Although I was afraid to pull a book out in-case I'd be engulfed in them for the rest of my days.  

Funnily enough when we were looking for the shop keepers we couldn't find them, but a little ding of their register located them fast enough.  They were behind five stacks of books, how to get in there? I have no clue.  

Here are some pictures of the glorious gem that is Derby Square book store...